Secure email service with a difference

How many email address you have? To tell you the truth I have several - one for business use, one for personal use, one address is for junk/throwaway site registrations and one for my family - so when my old man is sending something through I do not get annoyed by that during business hours. Believe me - there is no limits for his annoyances. My girlfriend reckons the apple does not fall far away from the tree.  But with all seriousness - there are way too many email providers. The biggest ones are not shy giving out huge storage space for free - and in exchange they will freely use the information you voluntarily providing them with. They also provide you with unified identity model, so you can login to other services with their credentials - and third parties can also enjoy your private data. In short - not much privacy there but hey - that is their business. Smaller providers can come and go. They can have serious security issues, buggy web interface, endless spam issues and they c